What Lies Underneath.

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    1. Thats the back end. Remember their paint punt was running from the “warship”. Pointy end (bow) is pointed to the aft of the “critter”.

    1. If it did, a reprise of the nudie cutie swimming just offshore California when the Japanese sub surfaced under her might be in store.

  1. You know what’s weird? I’m seeing this story line as alternate reality, as opposed to the girls bouncing thoughts off one another. What happens if one turns right instead of left at an intersection? Parallel dimensions sprout from that point. Every single point in history, this time they hit the brakes, not the accelerator.

  2. A sea monster w/ headlights, and lit portholes? Surface the Naultalus, Chris. She attacked there, anyhoo, tearing an enemy’s keel out by ramming….

  3. Looks like that damn island just outside of Kotor bay in Montenegro. It has a definite flattened squid appearance.

  4. Speaking of squid… some plankton is known to phosflourese when disturbed. Jets of water expelled from the “critter” would do this in shallower water as it is propelled along.

  5. Unless geography is radically different, the depth of the Potomac River is 38 feet from the mouth to Ragged Point, 20 miles upriver, then about 24 until Hains Point, where it shallows to 18.

    You couldn’t get an Ohio-class boomer in there (minimum surface draft 35 1/2 feet), but most attack boats and even some older classes of boomers (Ethan Allen [SSBN-608] class) would “fit” running awash, as here.

    clear ether


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