Skin Job.

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  1. Could be both. If tech levels of 1850 continued today, we’d probably still be facing a continued Little Ice Age.

    clear ether


    1. I was going to reference Alec and Margrethe, but then Twin Peaks came to mind.. alternate timelines / alternate realities. Good, heady stuff… As real as “real” can be…

    1. Out on the Panhandle near Eglin AFB, night temps can drop to near/below freezing during the winter months. I remember scraping frost off my windshield during more than one TDY down there, and listening to the news reports of the measures the orange growers were taking to save their crops. And I thought I was going to get a break from the cold stuff!

      Zar Belk!

  2. Chris, technical detail. On the front page the image has a size of 750×325. When I access the comments it changes to 1798×780

    I’ve seen the same thing on prior toons.

      1. Me too!!! I love being able to scroll over the artwork to appreciate the FINE de-tails portrayed (except the calendar link covers the upper right corner). And the comments text gets big enough to read without my readers… whoot!

  3. Yes, relative temperatures can throw a chill for sure. You come in from a 100 degree o.a.t. to a 70 building you can tell the difference. Wind doesn’t help much on bare skin. And yes, it does freeze in Florida.

  4. Dudes. I want some of whatever Chris is smoking, taking, drinking. Sadly I’m going to have to wait for the Cliffs Notes to come out to explain the story line.

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