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    1. And in my yet sufficiently caffeinated state, I read that as “Biggest Orgy in REDHEADED History”, I am quite curious to see the new short haired hairdoo, is it just going back to her standard shoulder length DBD bob or do we get something Louise Brooksish? PLEASE! no weird ass fivehead sweptback thing like that harnessed critter back on April 28th. 🙂

    1. Maureen doesn’t really care for the orgy scene. Too many knees and elbows. Laz and Long for sure. Castor and Pollux now, especially if you can get them into a game of Red Dog for forfeits…

      Zar Belk

  1. Speaking of art work. Does anybody notice that the border lettering is in the same shade of “nipple pink” through a veil. Chris must have gallons of the stuff.

    50 shades of pink not grey.
    As the saying goes, if tits didn’t have nipples they’d be pointless.

  2. You just know Chris is probably going to drag this out all the way to the fundraiser! 🙂
    And what am I missing with the 47 rather than 50? didn’t read the book so am at a loss.

    1. Heh, thanks for asking that question…I was curious myself…but didn’t want to appear clueless. ;(

      OH and you know this is gonna slide into the fundraiser!!!

      I think most of us are anticipating the twists and turns, ins and outs 🙂 of the long, hot, sweaty, writhing summer.

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