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    1. Didn’t it start when Sam decided the Count looked too much like Zed? Back in the first cross-universe panel?

    1. “Lieutenant, this is going to be a real baddie. This pickup’s going to be missed, and the people who’ll miss him will be one of the ten best constabulary organizations in the world, on their time-line. We won’t satisfy them with the kind of lame-brained explanations that usually get by in that sector. And we’ll have to find out where he emerged, and what he’s doing. A man who can beat a Paracop to the draw after being sucked into a conveyer won’t just sink into obscurity on any time-line. By the time we get to him, he’ll be kicking up a small fuss.”

      “I hope he got dragged out of his own subsector. Suppose he comes out on a next-door time-line, and reports to his police post, where a duplicate of himself, with duplicate fingerprints, is on duty.”

      “Yes. Wouldn’t that be dandy, now?”

      -<strong<Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen, H. Beam Piper, 1964

      Switching bodies across continua is bad enough. Getting dumped there in your own is ten times worse.

      clear ether


  1. Ok, so now I’m really confused…so is Skye still in control of the story?

    How is it the Count and Queen are married? I thought he was just her CWB? (Count with Benefits)

    Is this the plan to rescue Jan?

    Oyyy…so much distraction…and not just the awesome artwork.

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