Private Dick.

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  1. BIG fan of your work. Reality-based like DBD and I’m old enough to remember the B&W Detective film noir era. Nice blending. Of course, being a deplorable, looking forward to the introduction of the other characters into this theme/story line.

  2. I really like and appreciate the work you do, Chris (both DBD and RVL76). And what I loved so much about RVL76 (aside from the eye candy artwork) was the fact that it was its own world, leaving behind the day-to-day political tribal b.s. that has so engulfed this country. I contributed much more than I could this last time around because I loved the escapism you created. And then, suddenly… *POOF*… it was gone. With a promise of “something much better”.

    Well, as much as I like the retro-film noir/detective pulp fiction style and direction of TAT, I’m not a fan of yet ANOTHER avenue of perpetuating the “politics of the moment/everything is an outrage” when people just want to escape from all the constant bickering and b.s. It’s in the news 24/7, in sports, comedy, movies, TV shows, radio, music, Facebook, Twitter, billboards, commercials, etc. No matter what “side” you’re on, even if you aren’t on a side, it infects EVERYTHING and everyone. Work place environments become toxic with any type of discussion. Families fight amongst each other over the latest outrage of the moment. Communities torn. Tensions along every possible division (class, race, gender, age, etc). And it’s dividing this nation to the core. ENOUGH!!! All I want (and I’m sure I’m NOT alone on this) is a little escapism from this constant and continuous sociopolitical bickering and infighting.

    Sorry if this isn’t the response you were hoping for from a fan of yours. But I just needed to say it anyway. What you’ve done (above) works great within DBD. But if this is the direction that your new TAT will continue to go… well, I’m disappointed.

    Again, sorry. I know I’ll get flack from other readers/folllowers. I just had to be honest and upfront.

    1. No problem, T! TAT is more like the escapism of Calvin & Hobbes Sundays when Calvin imagined things.Red76 required a long story arc, and I’m just not that good at that, so TAT will be ‘nuggets’ of adventures-not always political-wherein the dbd characters ‘dream’ or are emplaced in a Sunday that is a self-contained story in one go.Could be Sam in a Flash Gordon style venue next week, or Damon in a Western, etc, etc.


      1. “Red76 required a long story arc, and I’m just not that good at that.”

        You’re selling yourself short, Chris. You’re much better at it than you think you are. Perhaps because you are doing DBD as a daily, and then tried to push RVL76 as a daily as well, that you felt as though you were stretching yourself thin with ideas and plot lines.

        If you kept RVL76 as a 3xs/week (or even only twice a week in a fuller Sunday format for both, say, Sundays and Wednesdays), it would’ve given you the time to breathe between projects while also giving you the time to develop a storyline that grows organically. Let the characters tell YOU the story they want to be apart of, rather than you forcing a storyline that doesn’t flow or injecting a plot device that doesn’t work because “you feel stuck”.

        Again, you’re better at this than you think you are.

      2. I like all these ideas..
        As long as those dreams involve the occasional lack of clothing 🙂

        and please don’t let RED76 die…maybe just push it along? It really was JUST getting good….

  3. Time after time
    I tell myself that I’m
    So lucky to be loving you
    By Cahn and Styne, sung by The Chairman of the Board.

    So cool Chris, when being an American wasn’t a dirty word.


  4. How long will the old Redvolution76 url work to link here, Chris?
    (And I understand about short vignettes vs longer stories, and the difficulty therein.)

  5. Nice touch….I always liked the self-narrated version of “Blade Runner” much better than the director’s cut….gets you directly into the mind of the character….

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