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  1. Bourbon, neat? I’m in.

    So let me get this straight. Skye is Skye in the real world and the Queen in Redvolution world. However, she has to deal with Sam Owens in the real world, and Sam Adams in Redvolution world?

    Two readheads? Skye you are grossly outnumbered. Think Gordon at Khartoum or Custer at Little Big Horn. Only their foes were not as fierce and savage as a redhead.

    1. At least Gordon had a chance, or would have if Gladstone hadn’t hung him out to dry out of pique and personal dislike….

      Skye, on the other hand was already outnumbered when it was her and the Evil Queen against just Sam Adams….

    2. On a movie poster about Custers last stand, hanging in a bar in Palma de Mallorca (Texas Jacks), is affixed an orange bumper sticker with black print that reads, “Custer had it coming”.

      General Custer is historys consumate idiot.

        1. More importantly, the glory hound violated the specific orders of his superior, General Crook. As in, “Do not go into the Little Big Horn Creek area”, “Do not become decisively engaged”, and “Wait for me to bring up the rest of the elements in three days”.

          Even the Gatling guns wouldn’t have helped Custer, because he let himself be pinned in an indefensible position by a numerically superior force. His No. 2, Major Reno, kept his element together on the heights and they, while unable to move to Custer’s support, survived the battle in spite of being under fire and returning fire for the entire engagement.

          Custer, like President Warren G. Harding, is an Ohioan we Buckeyes aren’t particularly proud of.

          Oh, and just so you know- he was only a brevet Major General. His highest permanent rank was Lieutenant Colonel.

          The stupid part is that before they let him transfer to the cavalry in 1863, he was one of the U.S. Army’s first actual cartographers, and was extremely good at it. Some of the maps he made of Virginia and etc. during the early years of the Civil War were the first maps of such areas ever, and they were quite accurate.

          If Custer had stuck to what he was actually good at, history might have been just a bit different.

          clear ether


          1. Well, Americans do hate a loser. Custer’s Luck was with him all his life but there is always that one time and you are remembered only for that one incident. It cost him and he took a lot of brave soldiers with him.

        2. Many years ago as I was leaving Bismarck, ND on I-94, heading west towards Montana, there was a big billboard that said “Custer was fine when he left here!” – Bismarck Chamber of Commerce!

  2. The US gov has a pretty sordid history killing those they’ve made previous alliances and treaties with. No one should ever trust the gov will abide by any agreement after that. At least dictators generally have consistency, the US flip flops polo at like a school of fish out of water. Politicians are scum.

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