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  1. Quid pro quo.

    If she’s gonna shoulder surf, I see no reason a remote desktop can’t be set up to modify skye’s textual shenanigans as soon as they are made.

  2. “Killer” works on so many levels with Naomi/Nyla.

    “Concubine” not so much. I’m not sure “consort” would do Naomi/Nyla justice, either.

    In any event you don’t want her mad at you.

    1. One of the hardest thing for “retired” special operators to do is to relearn how to walk normally entering a room. Believe it or not, some people do notice when a well-dressed man or attractive woman walks into a party and their footsteps are silent even in dress shoes or Pradas.

      That’s when they notice that the person in question is walking rather like a tiger. Specifically one that’s just had a full meal and is looking for something to play with.

      clear ether


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