Go Nuclear.

13 comments on “Go Nuclear.

  1. Redhead + Nuclear Power = ?

    Not sure the fabric of the universe can contain that much force.

    The mind boggles (or is it jiggles?)

  2. Former California commercial nuke here > This cartoon embraces many, many truths – all of which our “betters” in CA, the EU, and Australia are ignoring to their own embarrassment! WATTS UP WITH THAT ?

  3. I still remember the closing scene as the Nautilus slips below, with James Mason’s ghostly voice-over of those lines…”All this will come to pass in God’s good time.” Movie made in 1954, Nuclear submarine Nautilus launched and “Underway Nuclear” in 1958!

    Zar Belk!

  4. Nobody’s wrong when everybody’s right, as they are here.

    Just a matter of time, God’s direction, and implementation by good men.

  5. Just pulled the movie off the shelf and re-watched it Wednesday. It was still enjoyable, but I found it interesting that when I was a young boy I thought Kirk Douglas’ character was a hero, but now I really didn’t like him at all. He was an ignorant, arrogant fool, and Nemo should have left him to the cannibals!

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