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  1. Well crap, that was sort of anti-climactic, oh well, enjoyable while it lasted.

  2. Whatever you do Chris, it’s with a degree of elegance. Even when you decide to wad up the piece of paper & toss it into the wastebasket. Drive on; we’ll be here.

    1. Well darn, and just as I was sorta starting to understand the plot again!

      Hopefully the awesome more adult artwork will continue.

      AND…at some point Jan will get rescued!

      1. I used to have ‘Redline’, Sam as superhero in DBD occasionally, and will do so again, but all under an adventure title within DBD.(Probably Sundays, mostly).I wanted to see if I could do 2 toons/day w/Redvolution-practice,really. Redvolution’s world may appear in these new Sundays,too. Working’ on it! 🙂

    2. I like the naming change, semantically similar to the main strip and descriptive of its purpose.

      …but, I on’t know if it evokes the movie or the Cindy Lauper song.

      BTW, if any body is curious, peanut butter and jelly does not mesh well with vodka and lime. Passable, but not recommended.

  3. Chris, I was wondering if you could keep two toons going at the same time – quite a feat with the scripting, story boarding, art development, and of course the relentless deadlines. Whew! I’m impressed you carried it this long, especially with such a bizarre premise to figure out plots and character development. Good job!

    1. Oops, guess I should have read the existing before I put in my two cents…
      Will the archives for Redvolution continue to de available?

  4. Can understand if two strips a day isn’t doable – a lot of work, I’m sure, if you want some time for yourself… But try to cut some of the confusion between “real” time and Redvolution time, story-wise?

  5. Well here’s an unsolicited idea, FWIW.

    I have been worrying about how the rest of the year is going to work out here in meat space. How will Trump defeat the coup? The biggest challenge will be communicating the complete scope of the “vast deep-state conspiracy” to a critical mass of the citizenry (beyond us here and at CTH, AOS, etc.) that has been trained by the MSM to not look too deeply into anything unless it is on the approved-to-hate list.

    Could a weekly strip reprise the unfolding drama? Possibly using a mix of DBD and “real” characters to expose the propaganda lies and/ or explicate the intricacies of the devious plot? Simplistic xample, Zed reads the NYT patter from a newspaper, and the whole clan shreds it.

    Of course, to have the desired impact to a larger audience, you would have to avoid the ever-more-luscious T&A content… okay, forget it -Trump will probably pull it off somehow, right?

  6. Always been plenty of reality reflected in DBD, certainly more will be reflected as the “plot” thickens.

    Chris, I would suggest keeping this second platform for a plot-less single-panel once-a-week serving of your delicious cheesecake…ala Vargas? How about a Sunday Nude on the former Redvolution site? I mean the framework and the link from DBD are already built out, no heavy thought or commentary etc., just your amazing renditions of female finery on a rotating basis? Just say yes!

  7. Be careful where you !POIT! to. You could wind up on a desert island with a museum curator from Minneapolis, and a lot of adolescent female fey and their demigod moms!
    (And I DON’T say that like it’s a bad thing!)

    Zar Belk!

  8. I’m away in vacation… pop in mid-vaca to catch up on my RVL76, and… FINIS?

    Really?!? ?

    So disappointed. ? I was really getting into the whole new universe. It was an awesome fantasy getaway from the daily reality B.S., and now it’s… gone. ? With maybe the occasional, not regularly scheduled inclusion in DBD (which focuses a lot on the reality B.S.).

    My heart has sunk. ?

  9. I enjoy Redvolution, and have liked the daring things and ideas that you’ve tried. Take it in a new direction if you like, but I hope you’ll keep going. There’s nothing like it or Day by Day, anywhere else.

  10. Chris:
    The premis of a plot written by the two sisters (one without sexual or moral qualms) was a brilliant way to explore fantasies that many readers probably harbored. A return to that, or a similar, ploy could explore all manner of appealing debauchery, as an “entertaining” side plot of course. It was a brilliant idea. I’ve used a similar book within a book idea in one of my own books. Love the stip! I’ll be here as long as you’re here, and we’re both alive!

    1. Speaking of “alive” I find it interesting that the vitriolic hatred McCain is celebrated by the media as being supposedly to have uttered near death is sort of “bad form” in most major religions… almost guaranteed to get you an E-ticket ride to hell.

      No proof, but I’m reasonably sure 134 deceased sailors of the USS Forestall have been waiting 51 years to get a few answers about a “wet start.”

  11. Maybe I’m just slow, but did the strip title and URL change AFTER the strip finis? The last strip still lists redvolution1776 but the page title and URL is now TimeAfterTime.Life – one of those new-fangled top level domains that automatically get blocked…

  12. I hope that you are planning something special for Time After Time, Chris because the suspense is killing me, or maybe intercoursing with my brain.

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