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    1. On closer examination, the ribs and inside of the hull look like molded plastic or fiberglass. Another anomaly to go with the I-phone?

      Zar Belk!

      1. Backgrounds, as in dbd, are nearly always a modified photograph.I use oil paint in PhotoShop to help that image ‘blend’ more with the crew so both mesh together better.Saves me drawing backgrounds!

  1. *Ahem*

    “Game over, man…. game over!”

    Anyone else getting a first five minutes of ‘Alien’ vibe off sleeping Sam and the dory?

  2. Sam’s dreams indicate good body self-image. Crossed with anxiety about the world and a determination to do something about it.

    In her dreams or the real world, she is a good friend, and a dangerous adversary.

    clear ether


    1. Eating is more important than counting calories or worrying about fat or gluten in food. Or exercising to the point she’s skin and muscle only with all feminine attributes worn away.

  3. In previous frame, her head was to the back of the skiff. Could this perchance be an elvish craft? Or is she just dreaming she is on an elvish craft?

  4. She has apparently woken up to clean up the skiff and extinguish the fires, which would have left her floating in the water hanging on to debris. This is a much better situation for our gorgeous damsel in distress. I volunteer for any rescue missions being organized!

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