By a Hair.

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  1. Chris,

    Ahem, about that DBD/Redvolution clothing line for women….

    I mean, the blue outfit in panel number three might have a limited addressable market in that a guy could buy it for the love of his life, but would she wear it?

    However, the outfits in panels one and two would fly off the racks, with I suspect as many or more women buying them as men.

    If you don’t believe me, ask Pamela.

    P.S. Hint: That royal blue would work much better on a redhead, like Sam. It would be an interesting catfight if both of them wore the same outfit to the ball.

  2. Oh my, yes. Although the other two are equally riveting, just in different ways.

    The first one wouldn’t look out of place at Cannes in this parallel. It would have the paparazzi drooling for certain. (More than usual, that is, and for a reason other than their low IQs.)

    clear ether


  3. So that little landing strip makes me wonder if the Count wants to make a carrier landing.

    You know. “Call the ball” (or two) before slamming home for a landing.

    You know that’s how they teach Naval Aviators aerial refueling. “Just pretend the refueling drogue has hair around it.”

    BTW. Definitely #3. Although I thought the Queen was always nude as the ultimate feminist.

  4. Kinda partial to the first one but I’d need to see the front to be sure, the skirt on #2 could be a little less opaque too!

  5. What the queen doesn’t realize is that half the fun is getting through the wrapper to get to the candy.

    “It’s not the kill but the thrill of the chase” as noted in a Deep Purple song.

    (Knocking at your back door)

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