Bedside Manor.

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  1. Finally she arrives at her original destination after finding the phone!, “Damon”?? So our Sam is now crossing over to Ms. Adam’s reality?

    1. Crossing over? Or just making sure we don’t have to speculate?
      (Of course, the last two didn’t have any heads visible.)

    2. Maybe like “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court?”

      In any event, things should start getting interesting.

      And I kinda like eon’s way of thinking below….the less clothes in this time period, the better.

      1. How about “The Probability Broach”? A gateway to alternate realities, with weirdly smudged carbon copies of our own world?
        (If we were at the edge of the galaxy I’d blame “Rim Ghosts”.
        Zar Belk!

  2. Is Dr. Franklin sporting a
    Colonial era verge fusee in a paired case there?

  3. Note that nobody is remarking on Red’s state of (un)dress.

    It could be that Sam’s just having one of those “I’m naked in public” dreams, which are quite common. (Luckily for her she has a good body self-image.)

    Or, in her conception of this “world”, her “class” of female is routinely kept so as a cultural thing. “Of course I’m naked; why wouldn’t I be?”

    Either one promises to be interesting.

    clear ether


  4. Is this Granklin Thomas in any way connected to the businessman and philanthropist who was president and CEO of the Ford Foundation (1979-96), was on the board of the TFF Study Group (a nonprofit assisting develop-ment in South Africa since 2005), and Chairman of the nonprofit org September 11 Fund since 2001.

  5. It could be that Damon is twins here. Damon and Franklin Thomas are brothers. Since Sam is not (yet) with Zed her twins would not (yet) exist. However, how about the rest of the next generation.

  6. I love the twisted history Chris is working here, a steam-punkish twist on the “Great Game” stories of the conflict between Zarist Russia and Victorian England, with enough bawdyness thrown in to tittlate (heb) the reader…. And the Authoress, of course….. But the once a week scheduling is KILLING me! ☺️

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